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$20.00 per month

Reduce risk by increasing knowledge & awareness; including recommendations & takeaways.


  • Weekly Security news: 
    • Tailored content delivered to you by email
    • Stories relevant to all, but tailored for the SMB market 
  • Security Advisories: 
    • Simplified information about the constant onslaught of security alerts from technology providers.
    • Delivered to you as needed by email and available on our customer community.  
  • Security Alerts:
    • When new threats are made public, businesses and individuals need to be aware.
    • Stay up-to-date on security alerts with straight to the point assessments... how bad is it, and should I be worried.
$50.00 per month

Reduce risk through more awareness and training... Bronze member benefits included, plus:


  • Monthly Security Newsletter: 
    • Receive simplified but in-depth information about a specific security topic each month.
    • From password management, to digital Identity. Bolster your information security know-how each month, helping you and your employees keep a more secure digital footprint
    • Delivered to you monthly by email and available on our customer community
  • Employee Engagement: 
    • You will receive content monthly that you can share with your organization!
    • Keep your workforce informed! 
$125.00 per month

Reduce risk with expert advice, assistance, & information sharing... Silver member benefits included, plus:


  • Arx | Cyber Forums: 
    • Access our community forums to join in the conversation
    • Find how-to's, hardening, guides and more...
    • Available through our customer community
  • Ask the Expert: 
    • Submit specific security questions and get answers.
    • From building a plan, to specific configurations options, we can help you decide.
    • Available through our customer community
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